Are you ready to build a
hustle-free business?
Apply for the Sequence Implementation Program and build the course & funnel you need to grow your client business and finally stop trading time for dollars.
The Sequence process helps rescue your time by building assets that make sales for you.
  • STEP ONE: Create a high-value consulting offer (so you can make the income you deserve without hustling so hard to get it).
  • STEP TWO: Enroll clients at premium prices (so you make the most amount of profit upfront for your new offer).
  • STEP THREE: Construct your course curriculum while serving your clients (so you only build content people actually want).
  •  STEP FOUR: Build the ONE funnel to generate sales for you (so you can automate your lead generation and sales process).
  •  STEP FIVE: Take your profit and invest in scaling up with paid traffic (so your business can make sales and finally be hustle-free).

"Before Neal, I was struggling with bad messaging, long sales cycles, and a poorly designed consulting offer. I was banging my head against the wall with how slow my business was going. But thanks to Neal's support, I was able to get my offer in the lean position it needs to scale. Better messaging, increased prices, and more success—thanks to Neal."

Blake Stratton

“Four months ago I spent countless hours spinning my wheels trying to find customers for my business. However, after following Neal’s simple yet effective advice on my funnel, I’ve been able to generate quality leads without spending hours on end. In the past two weeks alone, I’ve added 174 leads and scheduled 7 sales calls. With my newfound confidence in my sales funnel, I don’t have to worry about finding, qualifying, and converting customers. My funnel does it for me.”

Declan Wilson

“On the first day Neal launched the automated funnel he built for us, we had a whopping 44 new coaching students! Since then, we’ve added 65 more from that same funnel. It’s making our company consistent money every day. We couldn’t be more thankful.”

Will Graham

How Neal transitioned from an overworked freelancer to a 6-figure consultant
At the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, Neal was a copywriter who was undercharging for his services and working 24/7 on client delivery.

As he paused to diagnose his hustle, he realized he had no assets (a course, a funnel, etc.) working for him in his business.

He spent years trying to create these assets on his own, only to create more hustle for himself. And that's what birthed the Sequence process.

Once he learned the right sequence for growing a client business, he re-released his program and sold over $30k in the first month.

Now he teaches busy service providers and experts how to build productized offers, courses, and automated marketing systems to help them hustle less and create more impact.
This is your chance to work personally with Neal to build your hustle-free business.
WARNING: The Sequence program is not for beginners just starting out in business. 
This program is for busy DFY service providers, authors, experts, and coaches who feel they 
need systems to work for them.
If that's you, then you are on the brink of something life-changing. Just click the button below to apply.

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