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"Neal Samudre is a brilliant teacher of digital marketing and automation. He is seasoned, strategic, and unique in his ability to draw out and develop marketing systems that generate leads and drive more sales."
Mike Kim, Founder of Influence and Impact Conference
"When moving down the entrepreneurial path, you have many 
 unknowns. After wrapping up a call with Neal today, I had some of those unknowns disappear. His energy, support, clear thinking, and experience is just what the doctor ordered."
Fred Aebli, Creator of
“In marketing, when you find someone with copywriting and funnel talent, hold onto them. They’ll make you money, keep your visitors and contacts engaged, and move the trends of your business in the right direction. Neal is GIFTED. His ability to relate and capture an audience is only matched by his speed and positivity.”
Denni Griffith, President of Marketing Efficiency Consultants
“Hiring Neal as a marketing consultant was one of the best decisions my business has recently made.”
Rachel Miller, Founder of
“On the first day Neal launched the automated funnel he built for us, we had a whopping 44 new coaching students! Since then, we’ve added 65 more from that same funnel. It’s making our company consistent money every day. We couldn’t be more thankful.”

Will Graham
"Before Neal, I was struggling with bad messaging, long sales cycles, and a poorly designed consulting offer. I was banging my head against the wall with how slow my business was going. But thanks to Neal's support, I was able to get my offer in the lean position it needs to scale. Better messaging, increased prices, and more success—thanks to Neal."

Blake Stratton
“Four months ago I spent countless hours spinning my wheels trying to find customers for my business. However, after following Neal’s simple yet effective advice on my funnel, I’ve been able to generate quality leads without spending hours on end. In the past two weeks alone, I’ve added 174 leads and scheduled 7 sales calls. With my newfound confidence in my sales funnel, I don’t have to worry about finding, qualifying, and converting customers. My funnel does it for me.”

Declan Wilson
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